Where To Hide Your Indoor Security Cameras

Video security is becoming a more common element  of home security systems. While seeing a camera in a home might be a deterrent, it could also lead a potential burglar into trying to avoid or disable the camera before committing a crime. It can be a good idea to place your camera somewhere that it isn’t very noticeable or is even partially hidden. It might be hard to think about how you can hide your camera amongst the things you already own, so at Guardian we came up with some suggestions for sneaky camera placement.

Near the ceiling: Mounting your security camera is an option if you want to make sure you have a good view and it’s out of the way. Mountings can be very noticeable or not, depending on the colors of your walls, height of your ceiling and size of the room. The upside to mounting your camera is that you can be pretty certain it won’t get accidentally moved and will always have a good view of the room.

Book case, Shelf or Mantle: Bookcases and shelves are a logical place to place your security camera, especially if you use these shelves for knickknacks in addition to books. The higher shelves are less likely to be in eyeshot and, when placed among other light colored objects, the white camera can blend right in. Along this line, you can tuck your camera  among decorations or pictures on a mantle.

Desk: If you have a lot of gadgets on your desk the camera doesn’t look out of place. Many people keep their computers on a desk, and the little camera can pass for a piece of tech associated with it. If your desk holds more traditional objects, like books and picture frames, the same opportunities for hiding your camera exist as did on the shelves.

Plant: Big plants, particularly fake ones, are a good place to position your camera. Y
ou can position it near the plant container or even right in among some foliage. Just make sure that no leaves are blocking your camera’s view. This option might take some testing but it  isn’t likely that a potential burglar would be paying attention to your plants, so it should stay pretty well hidden. Again, a fake plant is recommended so you don’t have to risk getting the camera wet or dirty.

Fake object: There are a lot of objects you can buy or DIY to hide your camera. It can be tricky to get one that will work with your specific camera without limiting functionality but it’s worth some research. People have adapted everything from clocks and tissue boxes to books and stuffed animals to hold and hide security cameras.

Head over to Guardian Protection’s site if you want to learn more about getting video security in your home. If you still aren’t sure if video security is right for you, read “Why You Should Consider Video Security Now.”


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