Guardian App ‘Scenes’ Gives Control With One Button

If you’ve recently updated your Guardian Protection Services App you might have noticed a new section in your app called ‘Scenes.’ In this section are four categories: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. These are all times that you might want several things to happen at once. For example, when you leave your house the ‘Away’ function could be set up to arm your security system, lock your doors, close your garage door and set back your thermostat, all with the touch of one button.

You can adjust these scenes from your account under the emPower tab or in the app by clicking on Scenes heading. Clicking on an already existing scene allows you to edit it. You can add a new scene by clicking the “+” button on your app or clicking “New Scene” on You can pick a specific icon, color and series of tasks you would like to happen for any event that happens for you  frequently.

After creating a scene, you can make this series of actions occur by just touching the button. This means that not only is it quick and easy, but you can also trigger these actions from anywhere you have your smart device and an internet connection.

What “scenes” would make your life easier? Here are some ideas:

  • Kids’ Bedtime- turn certain lights off, lock the door, turn down the temp for the night
  • Movie Nights- Dim lights, arm system in “Stay” mode, turn the temperature down so you can cuddle under a blanket
  • Pets Home- Keep the temperature right for your pet while they’re home and you aren’t, turn off all lights but one, lock the door, put your garage door down

You’re only limited by your own imagination and your smart devices. What other scenes can you think of? Comment to add to our list!

  • Vacation
  • Working Outside
  • Home Alone

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