You Might Need An Amazon Echo For Your Smart Home

You may have seen commercials advertising the Amazon Echo where people address “Alexa” and ask her to respond to questions in a home. Voice control has been around in smartphones for a while, but Alexa takes it to another level.

What would you use the Amazon Echo for? Well for one thing, you can optimize the use  of your home security and smart home devices, thanks to Alexa. Almost anything you can control from the Guardian App, Alexa can do for you. Want to disarm your system? Curious if you remembered to lock the doors when you’re home alone? Starting to feel a bit chilly in the middle of reading a book or working from the home office? Need to turn on a light without stumbling around in the dark? Just ask Alexa to do it for you! Because of our partnership with, our app has compatibility with the Echo.

Having an Amazon Echo is also like having a personal assistant because Alexa ties together many of the digital and “smart” features of your home in one convenient hub. You can ask Alexa to play your music, order a pizza, send for an Uber, ask questions and more. There have been over 900 features and skills added to her abilities since the Amazon Echo release.

Smart homes depicted in TV and movies are becoming more and more of a reality and the Amazon Echo is another facet of this. It has impressive 360 degree, omni-directional audio that you can use to read you the news or an audiobook or play your favorite tunes. Even while playing music or reading info, Alexa can “hear” you from across the room.

There are a couple of different devices in the Amazon Echo family and they all give you the option to manage your Guardian technology. The traditional Echo is the most complete product in the family. If you already have Amazon Fire TV and are an Amazon Prime member you might be able to get the smaller Echo Dot by using Alexa Voice Shopping. This will also work if you have an Echo and are trying to get a smaller Amazon Echo Dot for another room.  The Amazon Tap is an Alexa-enabled speaker. You have to physically tap a button on this speaker to use Alexa features.

Visit to learn more about the Amazon Echo and related products. To learn more about adding home automation and security features to your home you can explore Guardian Edge ™ Home Automation on our site.

2 thoughts on “You Might Need An Amazon Echo For Your Smart Home

  1. You are right. I think the Amazon Echo (and other digital assisants) will become widespread within smart homes.

    The ease of using your voice to control devices is just to easy for technology to ignore. At the moment the range of commands that you can use your voice for is quite limited but that will change over time.

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