Guardian Warns Against Weather

Because they were warned about the tornado by their Guardian alarm system, they were able to act quickly.

When Ciegi’s peaceful sleep was interrupted by an alarm tone from her Guardian security system, it caused a bit of panic. Almost immediately, however, she recognized the tone was different than the burglary alarm.  She inquired at the keypad and noticed it said “weather alert”.

Ciegi, who had been a Guardian customer for a couple of years, had not been alerted this way before by her security keypad.  This type of alert was reserved for severe weather warnings from the National Weather Service. At first she was confused because her cell phone usually sent a warning alert for dangerous weather, but this time it did not. Thank goodness Guardian was working for her.

The family’s Guardian alarm system had received a tornado warning in her area and was alerting her family to it. The tornado, travelling with 100+ mph winds, touched down in two different areas within 20 miles of Ciegi’s home.

Because they were warned by their alarm system, Ciegi and her husband moved to the basement to remain safe and slept there for about an hour. They kept themselves updated on the weather and the warning cleared.

Guardian’s services allowed Ciegi and her husband to help protect them and prepare for the worst. Fortunately, nothing happened to their home. When the alarm sounded it caused confusion, but resulted in a thankful couple that were able to be aware of dangerous weather conditions.

When you think about adding a security system to your home, you are probably only thinking about detecting or catching potential burglars, but as Ciegi’s story proves there are other ways Guardian helps keep you safe.

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  1. Our control panel has alerted us of Tornado Warnings on three separate occasions. I was very surprised the first time. I had no idea that the system had that capability. Thank goodness we didn’t have a tornado touch down any of those times. We would have had ample warning though, as the panel was alerting us faster than my iphone was sending severe weather notifications.

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