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Sure, ghosts, zombies and clowns can be pretty spooky and as we get closer and closer to Halloween, we are surrounded by haunted houses, horror movies and scary stories told in the dark. At Guardian, what we find truly scary is what can happen to people’s homes and families in a split second.

A burglary happened once every 18 seconds on average in the U.S. in 2015. A home structure fire happened once every 86 seconds, on average, in 2015 as well. These stats are scary. So is the idea of being home alone during a medical event. Any time something happens in a place where you should feel safe, like your home, it is particularly terrifying.

Leading up to Halloween we’ll be sharing some very frightening true stories from Guardian customers. Luckily, because of the products and services we’ve provided to these customers, all these scary stories end up turning out ok. You can’t always prevent scary things from happening to you and your family but Guardian can help protect you if they do.

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